Bowflex Max Trainer M5: A Workout Breakthrough


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Do you need a healthy fat-burning workout that gives you results in a minimum of time? The new Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is tough on your calories while being gentle on your joints, and the most fully featured model to date.

It provides an ultra-smooth gliding motion that will make you forget you are working out. Just kidding; you’ll feel the burn, and you might just love it. Don’t miss the actual at-home review below.

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Max Trainer M5 Description

The Bowflex M5 has introduced a new workout breakthrough to the home training machine arena. It is a cross trainer/elliptical, smooth and sleekly designed, and offers a no-impact workout to people of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities.

Its breakthrough is the Max Interval workout that it provides, which allows you to burn up to 2.5X more calories than other equivalent machines, and continues to reduce calories afterward. People describe it as the ultimate at home cross trainer and exercise bike, elliptical and stair stepper hybrid on the market.

This machine weighs 148 lbs. and comes in separate boxes, so you won’t have to carry one huge box. It tracks calories used, RPM, and heart rate. However, it does not track distance. Have you served in the military? Bowflex offers a great discount to veterans.

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  • Multiple resistance levels to tailor your workout
  • Nine programmed workouts, including the breakthrough interval training
  • Target-zone monitoring
  • Large backlit display, easy to read
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Large number of exercise programs
  • Compact design that fits almost anywhere
  • Syncs with free MAX Trainer App for Apple devices
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Healthy meal plan included with trainer manual

Pros and Cons

The reviews on the M5 are very mixed. Many customers are very excited about their Bowflex purchase and what it can do for them.

Reviews indicate that the workout provided is robust, adaptable and motivating, and will fit all fitness levels. Customers describe this fitness machine as a high calorie burning cardio regime, providing stamina and agility.

People described immediate visual results and weight loss and stated that it was indeed good for busy people with little time to workout. Customers talk about feeling an increase in energy and improved metabolism.

Some customers have complained that considering its price it breaks down and that it doesn’t provide any advantages over other machines already on the market. Some people say that it’s clunky and noisy when running. It is hefty and requires two people to assemble it.

People also speak of the flawed warranty and poor customer service they received when making complaints or trying to get the machine fixed. The company policy appears to be for the client to try to self-diagnose the problem while on the phone, with a hefty charge if a technician is required.



The M5 offers a lot, and it seems that if you get one that doesn’t break down; you’ll be totally satisfied with your quick and beneficial workout. However, around half of the customers claimed technical problems and then inadequate customer service response, so you may want to wait until the next generation MAX trainer before you purchase one. If this one doesn’t do it for you, the M7 just might.

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