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If you want a comprehensive system that allows you to strength train your whole body at home, the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym might just be for you. No more needing to go the local gym and pay exorbitant monthly fees to use their machines, this brings it all to you. With targeted exercises for your upper and lower body and those all-important abs using the Bowflex, you will achieve the body of your dreams.

With targeted exercises for your upper and lower body and those all-important abs using the Bowflex, you will make the body of your dreams. Be sure to watch the video below.

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Description of the Xtreme SE 2

This system allows you to workout using resistance, or the pulling against you of weights without the impact, risk or inertia of handling free weights. It has a cable-pulley system that enables you to change exercises without changing cables, a feature which the company calls revolutionary, which means no downtime between activities, a valuable feature which keeps your heart rate up while working out.

You can do targeted back and shoulder workouts, and also focus on building your leg muscles and glutes. The machine also includes an ab harness and pulley bar encouraging you to crunch and curl your way to hard and defined abs. Use it for general fitness, low-impact workouts, and overall weight loss. It also can be great for rehabilitation from injury.

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  • Smooth resistance up to a high weight
  • Cable pulley system that allows for minimum disruption during changes
  • Ability to cover over 70 exercises
  • Sections that focus on abs, legs, and glutes, and arms shoulders and back
  • Seven-year warranty

Pros and Cons

Customers are happy with the Bowflex Xtreme SE 2, the majority of reviewers not being athletes but just regular people using it recreationally. It is strong, sturdy and durable in build, allowing it to withstand the repeated high power workouts it claims to deliver. Customers say that it is great to look at, and comfortable and quiet to use.

People are really happy with their purchase of this machine saying they find it easy to use and they happily use it regularly. Users claim that it has new improvements on previous Bowflex machines and is much simpler to manage. Reports are that it delivers on results; with regular use, people see weight loss and a more toned body.

The Bowflex  Xtreme Home Gym is large, bigger than people are used to when having fitness equipment at home. It is cumbersome and bulky, and has been described as difficult to set up and hard to use. Some people claim that it needs too many seats and other setting adjustments to switch exercises. In general, however, the reviews are excellent; not many people seem to be critical of this home gym.


It does kind of look like something out of Spiderman’s home gym, but then again if Spidey uses it you know it must be a good thing! It will take up space in your home, but if you’re committed to weight training, you will most likely enjoy it immensely and see the results that you desire. Can’t wait to see the new you!

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