The Many Health Benefits of MSM

What Is MSM?

MSM is organic sulfur which occurs naturally in living things. Because the human body uses and expends MSM daily, it must be continually replenished for best nutrition and health.

Sulfur is becoming widely appreciated as a critical nutrient without which many things in our bodies don’t work properly. Sulfur helps our body in producing an important antioxidant (gluthathione) that helps in detoxification.

How It Works

MSM supplements and powders are beneficial for helping the body to form new joint and muscle tissue while reducing swelling and stiffness, making it a fantastic treatment for arthritis.

MSM helps decrease inflammation, improves flexibility and restores collagen production. It has also been used to reduce skin allergies, reduce hair loss and improve digestion and general gut health.

Health Benefits

It has been used for asthma and yeast infections. It is being tested for possible benefits for sufferers of cancer, and can at the very least help relieve chronic pain.

It is beneficial for treating conditions, but can also be of great benefit to healthy people as a preventative.

Who Should Use It?

Exercise Enthusiasts

Athletes and body-builders commonly use MSM as part of their nutritional intake as it can accelerate workouts and enhance recoveries.

According to MSM Sulfur has been reported to:

  1. Help combat exercise-induced inflammation.
  2. Decrease muscle damage and soreness.
  3. Promote connective tissue repair and regeneration.
  4. Prevent cartilage breakdown
    Support healthy joints and range of motion.
  5. Reduce oxidative stress after exercise.
  6. Increase overall antioxidant defence.

Skin Problems

According to doctors like Dr Axe, this supplement can be used to treat a host of skin conditions.

Certain skin problems are rooted in inflammation. Rosacea, skim allergies, discoloration, and noticeably slow healing of wounds, start with inflammation, as do other conditions.

The problems of wrinkles, sagging skin, dark spots, and dry, sun damaged skin can be remedied by an increase in the bodies own collagen prodution.

This sulpher has a positive effect on callegen and keratin, says Dr. Axe., which makes our skin look smooth and healthy.

This is great news for those looking for a good anti-aging supplement.

Other Benefits

Anyone having the following health issues should consider trying this supplement.

It’s safe but talk to your doctor a doctor about supplementing anyway. Of course, it’s best to find one who uses natural supplements.

  • Some tests have show it to be effective for restoring hair loss
  • Treats muscle pain, spasms, and recovery
  • Helps our bodies recover from physical stress
  • May be used to treat leaky gut syndrome and auto immune disease
  • Reduce the symptoms of PMS

And there’s more. Combine with other effective supplents, like glucosamine, vitamins C, E, and A and you have a true life improving powerhouse.

Different Types

Not all MSM supplements are equal however, and you should only consider using the highest quality and safest MSM on the market.

It has been reported that some MSM powders contain fillers and other contaminants which are not at all good for you.

It may be of great benefit for you to use pure MSM sulphur as you will know with far greater certainty what you are buying and putting in your body.

Buy Quality

The US is very stringent in ensuring the quality of this supplement when it is manufactured in the States, however other countries’ regulations are not so strict, and these supplements are sold worldwide.

MSM powders that are not pure have a higher presence of unwanted chemicals and toxins left from the manufacturing process, and a higher water content, which leads to decomposition and increased contamination.

They also tend to have lower quality raw materials.


Some tips for ensuring the purity of your MSM.

  • Buy MSM powders that have been distilled rather than crystallized. Ensure that other products are not also being manufactured at the same plant.
  • Buy a product that lists a low amount of heavy metals such as lead on the certificate of analysis.
  • Check that third-party testing has been required as part of the manufacturing process.


Testing that should be done includes extensive analysis to ensure the absence of lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminium, mercury and microbes.

Testing will also include analysis for purity, melting point, water content and freedom from residual DMSO.


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