StairMaster Treadclimber 5 for Home Fitness


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If you don’t have time to get yourself to a gym, don’t worry. Now you can benefit from a quick cardio session from the comfort of your home. The StairMaster 156005 LED TreadClimber 5 will shorten the length of time it takes to reach your calorie burning goals by combining the best aspects of 3 different pieces of cardio home fitness equipment in 1 easy to use machine.


The StairMaster TreadClimber 5 incorporates a two treadle design that works by combining the motion of an elliptical trainer, a stepper, and a treadmill. This dynamic movement is easy on your joints while burning massive calories.

The 18-degree incline promotes the feeling of walking on sand without having to take a trip to the beach. And you’ll benefit from a LED touchscreen that tracks your fitness achievements and many planned programs to help you make the most out of your session.

You can finally work out in comfort with the adjustable fan allowing you to control the temperature to suit your needs. It promises a sturdy build and supports up to 350lbs. So you can be sure it will last. The Stairmaster is a great investment for keen walkers. Stairmaster says it’s “just like walking on sand.”

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  • Touchscreen LED display showing seven different stats, including heart rate and calorie burn
  • Unique motion to maximize fat burn and minimize joint impact
  • A built-in fan for temperature control
  • A heart rate monitor with easy access integrated contact grips
  • Well built design able to hold a capacity of up to 350lbs

Pros and Cons

The StairMaster TreadClimber 5 has few expert or user reviews as yet, so only time will tell. However, it does benefit from having the tried and trusted StairMaster brand behind it. Meaning I wouldn’t bet against it in the quality and design stakes.

The unique motion is praised for being different by fitness experts who agree (along with users of other TreadClimbers) that it is kind to joints, and offers a more robust and beneficial workout option for walking enthusiasts when compared to a treadmill.

The statistics displayed on the screen are a welcome touch for individuals interested in setting exercise goals and provide a little extra motivation.

As there is such little feedback, there are no real issues to report on this product. Other than the price. It is very expensive, coming in at just under $10,000 (except with the link above) it’s quite the investment and significantly more costly than alternative brands and models of fitness equipment. So if you’re looking for something cheap, look elsewhere.

Stairmaster Treadclimber Video


The StairMaster 156005LED TreadClimber 5 is a great home cardio workout device for building stamina. An excellent choice for those who enjoy walking. And can be used safely by people who need to take extra care of their joints. If any of these sound like you, and you don’t mind spending a few (thousand) extra dollars, then this is the ideal pick.

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