Tips To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences in a lady’s life. These nine months are very important for the baby as his or her overall development depends on the nourishments which the mother has taken during the pregnancy time.

However, during this process ladies gain weight which is not safe after the pregnancy. It is necessary to lose that additional weight so that they can live a healthy life. Here we are discussing some ways through which you can lose weight appropriately after pregnancy. These methods are safe and can be followed with ease.


Believe it or not, riding your body of toxins like heavy metals, chemicals (and there are a lot of them), and even radiation can help you lose weight. Even if you eat a very healthy diet – but don’t take steps to detox – these toxins may build up in the body.

What happens then is the body compensates by retaining water, in order to dilute those toxins. A diet of tap water, processed foods, and even inorganic fruits and vegetables will cause levels to rise beyond a point where the body can rid itself of them naturally.

This should actually be done during (preferably before), after, and beyond pregnancy. Toxins are spread to the baby in the womb and through the breast milk after birth. Once you’ve rid yourself of toxins, you’ll feel a lot better. You’ll sleep better and have more energy. All of this equates to better health for you and the child.

Tips for Detoxing

  1. Eat a lot of greens – especially organic greens. Green leafy vegetables are loaded with chlorophyll, which helps rid the body of toxins, thereby effecting weight-loss.
  2. Find natural products that work fast, don’t have side effects, and are safe for pregnant or nursing women. One such product is Ultra Liquid Zeolite. Found in nature this super-cleansed detoxifier cleans up the body fast (including the breast milk), normalizes ph, and reduces inflammation, thereby indirectly helping you to shed the extra pounds.
  3. Finally, there are some foods that are very powerful in the war against fat. These include raw vinegar (2 Tblsp. twice per day), organic extra virgin coconut oil (1 Tblsp. twice per day), and protein. Protein builds muscle (along with exercise) and muscle is probably the best fat-burner there is.

Balanced Diet

It is extremely important for a pregnant woman to eat a healthy and nutritious diet during the time of pregnancy. Pregnancy causes women to eat more and that’s fine. However, after delivery, it is better to reduce portions and allow the stomach to shrink to a normal size. Now, this does not mean that you should starve yourself, but a careful approach is required until you lose the additional weight.

Do not skip your basic meal but stay away from fried foods. Eat fruits and consult your doctor about which diet is the best for you because you need to follow the appropriate breastfeeding schedule which is very necessary for your baby. (Assuming you are going to breastfeed.)

Benefits of Postnatal Sessions

If possible then it is useful to join postnatal sessions available in your area. Check the details of the trainer there appropriately as he or she should be qualified enough to provide you the correct guidance. It can surely help you to lose weight and you can feel fit. It is useful if you attend these classes with your friends as it can help you to stay motivated.

Gymnastic Sessions

You need to take care of your baby appropriately. However, this is possible only if you are energetic and fit enough to perform one of the most important duties of your life. Gymnastics sessions can be beneficial for you to regain your physical and mental strength. But make sure that you are managing your schedule in such a way that you are finding enough time for your baby.

Nutritious Diet

Our body requires nutritious diet every day – during pregnancy and afterward. Check that you are getting a  nutritious diet every day as it will give you strength and stamina to do all the things a busy mother has to do. Of course, staying busy can also help you lose weight as well.

Whole uncooked foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds should be the main part of your diet as it gives the required nutrients to the body. It is advisable to discuss this point with your doctor immediately after you’ve learned that you are pregnant.

Move Slowly & Steadily

You already have gone through a lot during pregnancy. Now do not push yourself very hard to achieve new targets. No matter how much you are desperate to do so. It can be very harmful to you if you are not working as per your limits at this time. Staying busy is fine. Getting some mild exercise is great. Just be kind with yourself and choose realistic targets.

These are the simple steps which you may not find very tough to follow but you can surely get good results. Furthermore, try to stay happy because it is the best medicine of the world.

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