Get a Powerfull Cardio Workout with the Yowza Islamorada Elliptical


This product sell for the same price at and the manufacturer's website. The benefits of buying from Yowza are the option to order in-home assembly and available financing.

Do you know you need to get into shape but don’t know which exercise machine is right for you? Uncomfortable in a gym with all the experts and “gymtimidation.” Would you rather do an easy and efficient workout that you can do at home? Don’t need bells and whistles but you do want easy, fun and most of all something that delivers results? Then the Islamorada might be for you.

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The Yowza Islamorada stand up Elliptical cardio device has been called the industry best standard for workout systems of its kind. It provides a no-impact fitness workout, easy on your joints, which is suitable for all ages, sizes, and levels of expertise and is less expensive than the Miami.

This machine uses a motion that is a combination of walking and cycling that provides an efficient cardio workout. It comes with specially designed egg-shaped handlebar grips with a rotating motion that allows you to target your abdominals. The Islamorada offers a long stride leg workout, with multiple exercise programs, adjustable incline, and adjustable resistance to increase your challenges as your fitness level improves. Yowza provides outstanding customer service and maintenance, and a lifetime warranty.

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  • SuperCore handlebars
  • Electronic adjustable incline and stride options
  • Multiple programs and levels of resistance
  • Weight managements software
  • Soft pivoting foot pedals for maximum comfort
  • Heart rate receiver
  • MP3/USB docking to listen to your favorite tunes
  • Lifetime warranty

Pros and Cons

The reviews for this machine are very positive; customers are jubilant about their Yowza purchase. It can be assembled at home and comes with detailed instructions for this. They find it to be easy to use, adaptable to many different shape and fitness level, and that it delivers results.

It is a well-built fitness machine and lasts an extremely long time, and is, therefore, excellent value for your money. Users describe it as quiet, and the longer stride is considered a bonus. The best option is to go through Yowza directly rather than through a retailer.

Customers stated that the system came with little instructions as to how to use it. Most negative reviews are about service and delivery, with a little criticism of the machine itself. And these criticisms of the customer service are rare; overwhelmingly people have a positive experience with this company. No one seems unhappy with a Yowza purchase.

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Reviews for the Islamorada aren’t negative, but keep in mind that these may be for when the machine was first released, and it set the industry’s standards. There are items on the market with more technology and programming to offer, but if you need some straightforward and easy that provides results, this system may be for you.

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