Yowza Miami Elliptical Cardio Trainer Gets Great Results


This cardio machine is priced the same at Amazon and the manufacturer's website, and both offer free shipping. The advantage of ordering from Yowza is, you can have their people come and assemble it for you.

If you are looking for a high-quality exercising system at home that’s a great value for your money and supported by customer service from a long-established and reputable company, consider the Yowza Miami Elliptical. It offers a great workout with many variations and programs that will tailor to you, giving great weight loss results in the comfort of your bedroom or gym.

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The Yowza Miami Elliptical is a stand up elliptical device similar to the Bowflex M5, providing you with a great low impact cardio workout that is a combination of walking, stepping, and cycling. With a variety of workout programs and adjustable resistances to choose from, this machine promises visible fitness and weight loss results.

The foot pedals are a soft touch, gel support that makes standing about as comfortable as it can get. The Miami has specially designed handlebars with egg-shaped rotating grips that allow targeted focus on your abs and core while exercising.

With a long stride length and adjustable incline, this cardio system has the unique capability to get to know the individual user, tailoring the device to each person and changing with their needs. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and the service and technical support offered by the company are said to be second to none.

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  • Bluetooth connectivity and designated app
  • Large display screen
  • Tablet resting rack
  • Multiple workout programs
  • User-friendly menu system
  • Supercore rotating handlebars
  • Self-pivoting food pedals
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Fan
  • Long warranty

Yowza Miami Pros and Cons

The reviews are very positive for the Miami, with technical experts and users over 90% satisfied. Customers say that the system is good looking, easy to use, comfortable and delivers results. Its unique system of encouraging your body to counter rotate is a useful feature that causes you to work on building your core.

The machine is quiet when running and compact in design. The technology is more advanced than that of similar devices and makes the system worth the price. The live chat and other customer service options are also highly praised, and the response to maintenance requests and parts replacement is reportedly stellar.

The only negative reviews appear to be about the customer service of some individuals delivering, assembling and providing phone support from the manufacturer, rather than any dissatisfaction with the unit itself. Even then the criticism isn’t that bad. Assembly of the machine can apparently be very involved, so if customers are not personally handy, they might benefit from selecting the technician assembly option.

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The Miami provides a result driven cardio workout with the bonus of core and ab targeted motions. It is a great unit for its price and has an excellent warranty. Customers and experts alike find it difficult to fault, so if you are looking for an at home option for exercising and weight loss that works this might just be for you.


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